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    Sperry Building
    Nichols and Beal
    10-14 Utica Street
    2 Broad Street
    Hamilton Movie Theater
    Palace Theater
    24-26 Utica Street
    3-5 Madison Street
    Colgate Inn
    Barge Canal Coffee Co.

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Hamilton Initiative, LLC

In an effort to improve the vitality of Hamilton, NY, supporters of Colgate University came forward to fund the Hamilton Initiative, LLC in 2000. Hamilton Initiative is a for-profit limited liability company whose focus is real estate and economic development in downtown Hamilton . The initiative primarily focuses on the following three areas:

  1. Renovation of 8 key downtown buildings
  2. Attracting quality tenants
  3. Managing 4 business operations

Not only has Hamilton Initiative improved the overall appearance of this college town, but it also has benefited the economic climate of the area. Our buildings are distinguished not only by their appearance, but also by the diversity of occupants. Whether retail, restaurant, residential, theater or office space, all are critical in forming a healthy cultural and business climate in Hamilton .

All businesses on this site are independently owned and operated.